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Expert Talk: gRPC, Kubernetes & .NET

Join Mark Rendle, MS Dev Tech MVP, and Matt Turner, DevOps leader, architect, and engineer at Marshall Wace, in a passionate discussion about gRPC’s past and future and how it fits in with technologies such as .NET and service meshes. They get deep in the weeds on technology cycles while debating the future of infrastructure as a code and Kubernetes. And Mark has a brilliant idea on how to build an alternative to Facebook.

#service mesh
#Infrastructure as Code
May 17, 2022

Building and Deploying Cloud Native Applications with gRPC Kotlin & Kubernetes

**In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to take a Cloud Native Application from inception to production.** Starting with a base sample application we will learn how to break the application into separate services that communicate via gRPC Kotlin. We will then learn how to containerize and deploy the application to Kubernetes. Along the way we will learn how to address some of the major challenges of deploying applications to Kubernetes, such as scaling and service discovery. **Some of the topics to be covered include**: * Service communication using gRPC, a fast and efficient binary protocol * Creating Kubernetes Deployment Files * Deploying, Managing and Scaling services using Kubernetes * Using Kubernetes Service Discovery with gRPC