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Developing in Blockchain: The Need-To-Know When Getting Started

Blockchain is often either considered a game changer or the worst thing in the world. We reached out to Stefan Tilkov, co-founder of INNOQ, to get his thoughts on what someone who’s new to blockchain needs to be aware of

August 25, 2021

Keynote: Surveillance & Cryptography

As the legislation around data privacy erodes the demands for surveillance from state agencies is increasing. Furthermore, the legitimization of offensive cyber capabilities means that the new world order will be fighting non sanctioned wars in the digital arena. It is therefore more important than ever to jealously safeguard our demands for confidentiality and integrity of communications and demand higher standards.


Practical Cryptography

"Crypto" is more than just for currencies. From TLS to authentication, security should be part of every engineer’s toolkit in 2019 and cryptography is a foundation we can master together. This talk will dive into modern cryptography, the math behind how it works, and its everyday use cases. By looking at the origins of cryptography, we’ll follow the progression of methods and algorithms as humans and computers evolved. You’ll leave understanding the difference between symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, why you would have a public and private key, and how those get used in a variety of applications. We’ll look at how to encrypt and decrypt data in code and discuss the reasons you should never roll your own crypto. This will not be a talk about bitcoin, but will dive into how cryptography helps secure anonymous transactions and keeps your identity and data safe. **Who should attend this talk:** Anyone who wants to learn or refresh some fundamentals of modern security. **Academic level:** Introductory **What is the take away in this talk:** Know how public key cryptography works and where it's used in software programs.