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Ryan Carniato on SolidJS: “It puts the control back in the developer's hands”

SolidJS founder Ryan Carniato talks about reactivity and how is it becoming the universal language of user interfaces, the impact of the shift from the component model to the reactivity model and why is there a need for more granularity in modern frontend architectures.

May 16, 2023

SolidJS - The World Beyond Components

Components have been the foundation of how we've built web applications in JavaScript for a decade now. They've defined not only how we organize our code but how it runs. They are the cornerstone of Virtual DOM and non-Virtual DOM solutions alike. However, SolidJS is causing ripples in the frontend ecosystem by reimagining this relationship between state and component. In this talk, Ryan Carniato, looks at what comes after the component model. Driven by the need for more granularity, and empowered by compilation, reactivity is becoming the universal language of user interfaces.