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Holly Cummins on How Quarkus Can Help You Go from Code to Cloud in No Time

Holly Cummins from Red Hat talks about all of the amazing features of Red Hat's Quarkus and why it should be part of your tech stack.

April 11, 2023

Holiday Special 2022

At GOTO we are all about learning so to wrap up 2022 we asked a few of our speakers and authors about the most exciting technology they learned this year. In addition to that, they shared what they think will disrupt the software world in the next five years. Their answers range from Dapper and Quarkus to Data Mesh’s revolutionary principles to deep focus. Tune in and learn more!

December 22, 2022

Cloud Native Development with Quarkus

Cloud native development means running on the cloud (obviously), releasing on a rapid cadence, and automated testing, so that you have the confidence to release often. Traditional Java didn’t make this particularly easy, but Quarkus does. This masterclass introduces Quarkus, and shows how develop, test, and deploy a microservices application. Along the way we’ll cover TDD with Quarkus, contract testing, developer services, REST applications, Hibernate and persistence, authentication with JWT and keycloak, native compilation, GraalVM, packaging, troubleshooting, how to integrate with Kubernetes, health checks, metrics, and observability. If time permits, we will cover custom extensions and reactive programming. Here’s what you’ll learn: * How to be cloud native * The test pyramid and beyond * TDD with Quarkus * Writing a Quarkus REST application * Persistence with Hibernate and Panache * Microservices with Quarkus * JWT and Keycloak * Deciding between native and Java compilation * Deploying Quarkus apps to Kubernetes * Troubleshooting + observability