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Developing Machine Learning for Impact

Anna Via | GOTO Amsterdam 2023

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Job Boards are specially complicated marketplaces when it comes to matching users with ads. Offers are mostly formed by plain text with a lot of relevant information, and the same happens on the users side with their CVs. In part for this reason, a core ML team has existed in Infojobs (one of Adevinta's marketplaces and the market leader in online recruitment in Spain) for years, and many. processes and functionalities in the platform are powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing models.

In this session, Anna will share some important learnings from working with Machine Learning initiatives that bring real impact to a company like InfoJobs. Expect fascinating topics such as “ML as a tool, not a solution”, “Surviving the ML uncertainty” or “The importance of multidisciplinary teams in ML”. Join us in this talk to explore the intersection between Machine Learning, Data and Product Management!

Adevinta is a leading online classifieds specialist which operates digital marketplaces with approximately 2.5 billion average monthly visits across 11 countries, including the Netherlands.

About the speakers

Anna  Via
Anna Via

Machine Learning Product Manager