The Zen of Applied Machine Learning

Online GOTO Night
Ioana Tripa
Ioana Tripa

Developer engineer and AI expert

The Zen of Python has been guiding developers for years. Of course, we don't have to follow these guidelines to a tee, but it's always good to keep them in mind.

When it comes to machine learning, there isn’t much formalized agreement on best practices. So what if we had the same Pythonic guidelines of good practice for our machine learning projects?

In this talk, you will look at the 20 aphorisms that guide Python programming and see if, and how well, they could apply to machine learning projects. Would they be useful? Would they bring value?

Take a journey and find out how zen Machine Learning can be!


Ioana Tripa — Someone said programming is the closest thing we have to magic and Ioana wholeheartedly agrees. She is passionate about writing code to create a positive impact on her team, on her clients and on the world.

She started programming at 14 and it was love at first line. She went on to get a Bachelor in Computers and Information Technology at Politehnica University Timisoara and a Master in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence at KU Leuven in Belgium.

Ioana started her professional career at ING Belgium as a consultant in what was then the Applied Artificial Intelligence team and worked on a diverse set of projects, ranging from automatic information extraction from unstructured documents to email classification. Since becoming an internal employee, Ioana has been focusing on projects related to the development and management of virtual assistants.

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