Experience the Future with Apple Vision Pro: Technical Deep Dive and Live Demos

Onsite GOTO Night

Date: June 6, 2024
Time: 17:00 - 20:30
Location: Sankt Knuds Torv 9, 2. sal, Aarhus C


17:00 - Doors open
17:30 - Experience the Future with Apple Vision Pro: Technical Deep Dive and Live Demonstrations
19:00 - Interactive discussion about the future of spatial computing
19:30 - Networking over food and drinks
20:30 - Thank you for today!


Trifork loves new technology and Apple Vision Pro is no exception! We have been developing apps for it since the beginning and several of our apps have been showcased by both Apple and Porsche. Join us for this GOTO Night to meet two of the lead developers behind these innovations and hear about their hands-on experiences and insights in developing products for Apple Vision Pro.

What can you expect:

  • Live Demos: Experience the advanced spatial computing solutions developed by Trifork for Apple Vision Pro*.
  • UX/UI Development Insights: Learn about our findings and challenges in developing user experiences and interfaces for AVP.
  • Unique Features of Apple Vision Pro: Gain insight into groundbreaking features like eye-, hand-, and world-tracking, and how they transform interaction in spatial environments.
  • Lighting and Rendering: Dive into image-based lighting and physically based rendering, and see examples of how different lighting conditions affect 3D models.
  • Hands-on Experience: Get insights into technical limitations and tips for working with RealityKit and shader graph.

About the speakers

Peter Hou has 20 years of experience in interactive software development, specializing in real-time 3D for mobile devices and Unity-based applications. With a background in AR visualization and configuration, he brings extensive knowledge in creating engaging and innovative spatial computing experiences.

Lars Kringelbach is a dedicated iOS developer with a passion for Apple products, having worked on iOS since the release of the first iPhone. His extensive experience means that if you have a smartphone, chances are you've used an app he helped develop. Since the launch of Apple Vision Pro, Lars has focused exclusively on projects for this platform, bringing his deep expertise and enthusiasm to the forefront of spatial computing.

*Due to time constraints, it will not be possible for attendees to try out the Apple Vision Pro at the event. However, we warmly invite you to schedule a meeting with our team to discuss business opportunities and arrange an exclusive demonstration of the Apple Vision Pro. If you are interested please contact Mette Baastrup at: meba@trifork.com

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