CircleCI(connect) X GOTO: Cloud Native Best Practices

Onsite GOTO Night
Matt Turner
Matt Turner

DevOps Leader and Software Engineer at Tetrate

Join us for an evening of free food, drink, swag and prizes with like-minded folk in DevOps!

In this meetup collaboration with CircleCI, we'll hear from Matt Turner, a DevOps leader, architect and expert in cloud-native technologies. Matt will deliver a practical talk on Cloud-Native Progressive Delivery — this is an approach, and a set of tools, which gives us automated, safe, observable Deployments and Releases.

There’ll be a lot of demos, during which we’ll see:

  • Canary deployments and automated rollbacks
  • The separation of Deployment and Release
  • Traffic mirroring, comparison of results between versions, and other neat network tricks in Kubernetes

Date: April 28
Time: 5pm - 9pm BST
Location: CodeNode, 10 South Pl, London EC2M 7EB


Do you want to make your releases safer, faster and less effort? Lots of us now have microservices, kubernetes, maybe even a service mesh. So why are releases still banned on Fridays? Why is it so hard to know what version is running in production?

In this practical talk, Matt will talk through progressive delivery. This is an approach, and a set of tools, which gives us automated, safe, observable deployments and releases.

About the speaker

Matt is a SRE at Marshall Wace, a London asset manager. Matt's team is responsible for infrastructure, on-prem and public-cloud, security, and developer experience. Marshall Wace's platform has it all - old and new, Kubernetes and Kerberos.

Matt has done Dev, sometimes with added Ops, for over a decade, working at JetStack, SkyScanner, Cisco, Tetrate, and others. His idea of "full stack" is Linux, Kubernetes, and now Istio too. He's given lots of talks and workshops on Kubernetes and friends, and is co-organiser of the Istio London meetup. He tweets @mt165 and blogs at



GOTO Night with Matt Turner

GOTO Night with Matt Turner

Tue. Nov 9 2021, 17:00


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