Global Supertrends with Steve Wozniak

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Global Supertrends with Steve Wozniak

We're thrilled to present Global Supertrends — an exclusive half-day track for C-level executives from both established and up-and-coming tech companies. This event will gather a group of the brightest minds in tech and business to discuss key trends in what are rapidly changing global markets.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will headline the half-day track with a talk covering entrepreneurship and the future of technology, followed by a Q&A and meet-and-greet with attendees. 

Over the course of the afternoon, you'll also hear from more leading experts covering the most important technological developments that modern companies need to understand in order to stay ahead while keeping each talk relevant to the here and now with realistic and actionable takeaways. 

Join the Global Supertrends track to:

  • Explore the responsible use of artificial intelligence with Ron Bodkin, the Technical Director for Applied Artificial Intelligence in Google’s Cloud
  • Take an in-depth look at China’s techno–strategic ambitions with Christina Boutrup, China Expert and Author of "The Great Tech Revolution"
  • Examine the continuous delivery practices behind the world's most lucrative companies with Dave Karow, continuous delivery evangelist at Split
  • Highlight the importance of security at all organizational levels with cybersecurity expert Michael Brunton-Spall
  • Learn how to best prepare for technical due diligence from a CTO's perspective with founder of Philipps & Byrne Chris Philipps
  • Take a look at the more visionary topic of quantum computing with experts Jessica Pointing and Murray Thom

Limited spaces available — we recommend reserving your place in the room as soon as possible as we do expect this track to sell out.

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